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Client Testimonials

“We’ve just bought our dream home, and it’s in large part thanks to Elizabeth Forster and the team at Bosley. She made the entire process easy, efficient, and fun. She walked us through the specifics of our buying agreement and then set up numerous viewings in the neighbourhoods we were interested in. Then, she came back with a listing she suggested could be “the one.” We went for a viewing as soon as possible, and she was bang-on. She then dedicated her time to strategy, putting us in the best possible position to secure the house (the most stressful part of the process) – and we did! We are over the moon and I’m convinced there is no way we’d have ended up where we are without her. I would highly recommend her. Thanks, Elizabeth!” Paul

“Elizabeth went above and beyond to help me with the recent sale of my father’s Estate Condominium in downtown Toronto. From the very beginning, she provided valuable insights on how to stage and market the condo effectively, which lead to its sale in just two days on the market(!) leading to fantastic results for both the estate and the buyer! Elizabeth’s dedication and attention to detail were evident throughout the entire process. Her excellent communication skills ensured I was always informed about potential buyers and received prompt feedback after each showing. Her expertise and professionalism made the selling experience smooth and stress-free. I would highly recommend Elizabeth and would definitely choose her again for any future real estate transactions. Thank you, Elizabeth, for exceeding my expectations!” Lisa

“Elizabeth was professional, approachable, and knowledgeable. She made the whole real estate sale process stress-free. I was very pleased with the sale result and her attentive service.” Carlos




Estimating Your Selling Costs

When the time comes to sell your house, you’ll want to determine roughly how much you can expect to net after the sale. To figure that out, you’ll not only need to know how much your house will likely sell for, but also the selling costs you are likely to ...

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Healthy Lighting for Your Home

Recently, researchers discovered that the lighting in your home can have a much greater impact on your health and well-being than originally thought. Better lighting can boost your energy, help you sleep better, and even enhance healing.So, it pays to make sure the lighting in your home has a positive ...

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Help Buyers Understand the Area

There’s a famous saying in the real estate business: “Location, location, location”. It simply means that where your home is located – your community – is just as important to potential buyers as the features of the property itself.Sellers often make the mistake of creating a long list of home ...

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A Quick Household Check Helps Conserve Resources

This is a good time to visually check of all your utilities, fixtures and appliances to make sure they are not using expensive energy and resources inefficiently.Start with the faucets. Ensure they don’t drip when closed. If they do, replace the washers (or in the case of washerless units, the ...

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